February 13, 2010

Valentine's Party

Yesterday was Kalia's 1st Valentine's party at daycare. I wasn't able to attend, and it was Kalia's day off (as she only goes 2-3 days/week), but she was invited to attend so Dan agreed to take her. The girls were out of school early, so they tagged along (Amanda took all these pics for me).

Looks like she had fun. Of course all she was really interested in was the cheese. This girl can eat her weight in cheese!

She wasn't there the day they decorated boxes, so the other kids decorated one for her (wasn't that nice?). She got Valentine's cards from each kid & her teacher, along with a few treats.

I'm sure next year she'll be a little more interested....maybe!

1 comment:

  1. Cool! None of mine did anything that young, but the girls kept asking for their cards and their boxes just like bubbies have :) Can't wait! Nice box Kalia...you should tell your friends thank you :) lol