February 13, 2010

Saturday Recap

Our day started out bright & early, as Emilee had basketball games scheduled for 9 & 11. Right now they're playing intramural games....they'll pick a team in a couple weeks. This is Emilee's first year playing, and she's not doing too bad. She's got a good size & height, so who knows.... She's having fun, so that's really all that matters.

After the games we got her packed up & she ran off to stay the night with a friend. Amanda was also staying with a friend, and Dan was working, so that only left Kalia & I for Saturday night.

We spent the night getting ready for Chinese New Year. By 6 p.m. the house was cleaned and a dinner complete with long noodles was ready to be eaten. We really didn't do much to celebrate other than that. Hopefully next year we'll do a little more.

One of the Chinese superstitions is to eat long noodles...being careful not to break the noodle before it gets to your mouth. The noodles signify long life and if they break your life will be shortened. Kalia enjoyed slurping up the noodles...one of her absolute favorite meals.

There are a lot of things the Chinese do to prepare for the New Year (new hair cuts/trim, cleaning house, eating long noodles, decorating with red lanterns, lighting firecrackers....and the list goes on & on). I really hope to be better prepared & incorporate many of these things into our celebrations next year. I think it's important to celebrate & remember Kalia's heritage.

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  1. Yes I agree! Incorporate as much as possible!