December 19, 2009

Stitches's happened already. Kalia is kind of a klutz, so I've come to expect lots of bumps & bruises, but this one really got her.

On Wednesday she fell in the tub & hit her head on the water faucet. Not too bad, but deep enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room for a stitch.

They were going to try to just glue it together, but I was worried about scarring. They were worried about stitching her up so close to her eye...because she was NOT going to sit still for them. Dan finally managed to get her to go to sleep & the Dr. worked very quickly to get 1 stitch in before she moved too much.

It's healing well and we should be able to take the stitch out on Monday.

Hopefully this will be the last trip for awhile.




  1. Poor baby! Unfortunately I know all to well what the ER looks like and I too hope she manages to stay away from there for awhile :)

  2. Poor little thing! Hope she is all healed up now.

  3. Oh my, look at your sweet pea. Hope it's better now, children heal fast fortunately. Not a fan of the ER, Grace had a very similar cut at age 3.