December 30, 2009

Christmas - Part 3

We always spend Christmas Day with Dan's side of the family. Always dinner at Mami's (Dan's grandma), then presents & snacks at his dad's.

Christmas is always, unfortunately, really the only time we see most of Dan's cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces & nephews. It's always nice to see how they've all grown, what they've been up to throughout the year and to see all the new additions to everyone's family.

This year was especially hard as it was the first Christmas without Pappy (Dan's grandpa, who passed away in November).

After dinner, we headed to Dan's mom & dad's to open presents & play for awhile. They knew we were getting the girls the Wii, so they helped out by getting Mario Kart & an extra wheel. The kids absolutely LOVE that game, and are getting really good at it.

Kalia enjoyed playing with an old favorite of the girls when they were younger....the popcorn popper! This thing used to drive me absolutely insane when Amanda & Emilee played with it. Surprisingly it didn't bother me AT ALL when Kalia was playing with it. I guess I've gotten better at tuning out the noise, and enjoying watching the pleasure they get while playing.

It was a LONG day and we were pooped when we finally got back home around 8. It was a great Christmas!

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