December 30, 2009

Christmas - Part 2

We all slept in. As a matter of fact I had to go and wake Amanda & Emilee. I think that's the first time ever!

Dan, Kalia & I woke around 8. He started making french toast for everyone while I took a shower & got ready for our busy day.

We did stockings first. Kalia wasn't real sure about taking stuff out of hers, but loved seeing what was in Amanda's. We finally got her interested in her own, and it was then that she found the Reese's trees....she LOVES chocolate! Check out these funny faces she was making at me:

After stockings it was time for presents. We got Kalia started on hers first. She got some puzzles, a L3ap Frog Refrigerator Magnet thing, a Kai Lan DVD, a bunch of musical toys (drum, maraca, tamborine, etc...). Watching Kalia opening her gifts brought a few tears to my eyes. I'd been waiting 3 years to see our baby enjoy Christmas. It was everything I'd hoped for.

Amanda & Emilee started out opening their smaller gifts first....Emilee got a new outfit, pants & shirt, while Amanda got some new boots she was wanting & a new purse. Then we set the gift we got for the both of them to unwrap....a Wii!!!!! We got them the system, Wii Fit Plus, and the recharging dock. One of their Grandmas got them a game, plus a gift card to purchase more.

After cleaning everything up, we headed down to Dan's mom & dad's for Christmas...Part 3!

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