December 01, 2009

25 days till Christmas....

Is your shopping done yet?

Mine isn't!

I've gotten most everything for Kalia....just need to pick up a few stocking stuffers. Same for Emilee. But still need to get something for just about everyone else on my list.

Usually I'm pretty much done by now, but since I was sick over the weekend...and that's my traditional shopping time...I'm a little behind.

Maybe I can find some time this weekend.

How's your shopping coming along?


  1. I think I have everything for Grace and Will...Dan and Nick not so much yet. They are harder to buy for....
    Sorry you've been sick and hope you are better now, we've all had these lingering cold/cough things going on.

    Have a great week Brandi!

  2. I have all mine done except one of James and the stocking stuffers :) Now I just have to assemble the Santa gifts and lug in the TV for James :(