November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

This year Thanksgiving was held at our house. I do believe we're fast running out of room in our humble abode. We add new members every year. This year we were blessed with 2 new additions....Kalia & my niece, Gracie. It's always a loud, chaotic, crazy time when we all get together. Did I mention loud??? I'm always surprised none of our neighbors ever call the cops on us....disturbing the peace, and all!

But's a great time! We had some delicious food (turkey, ham, potatoes & gravy, stuffin', rolls, pies....and on & on & on...)

The kids had a blast destroying Kalia's bedroom....seriously....I think they drug every. single. toy out of the toybox. But they had fun!

We were even able to get some family pics & pics of all the kids together! Haven't done that in 5 or 6 years (or maybe more!).

Everything was great....even if I did end up getting sick with the stomach flu about halfway thru the day. As long as I sat on the couch & didn't move much...all was fine in my world. It got me out of clean-up, so it might have been worth it!

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