December 23, 2009

1 year ago

1 year ago today, as I was sitting at work, I received the best Christmas present EVER!!! At that time I didn't realize it would be a present, exactly.

We had just turned in our medical checklist a couple weeks earlier, and were not expecting a referral anytime soon.

Our special needs coordinator at the time emailed to ask what we thought about the file that was sent earlier. I was confused, as we had not spoken about her sending me a file, nor had one just shown up in my inbox.

She forwarded the information to me, and this is the picture I saw:
Chen Yi Hui was 14 months old at the time (the picture was taken when she was around 8 months old), and just as cute as a button. I forwarded the file to Dan at home, then jumped on the phone. I was more than ready for my work day to be over....I really wasn't getting much work done anyway :)

Yi Hui's special need was NOT one that we had previously discussed and we wanted to be sure it was something we could handle. I quickly forwarded the info to our pediatrician and asked her to get back with us as soon as she could. We knew she was on our agency specific list, and that we were the only ones looking over her file, so we had a little more time than most people to completely research. I was guarding my heart big time, and trying not to get too emotionally involved until I knew we could handle her needs.

Obviously you know the end of the story. Chen Yi Hui was destined to be our daughter. There was definitely divine intervention at work.

She is a perfect match for our family and we are blessed beyond measure. Seeing her picture & receiving her file was one of the best Christmas presents EVER! I'll never forget Christmas 2008.

We're so very happy to have her home with us for Christmas this year.

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