November 02, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood...Minnie Mouse...and a vampire???

A first for sure to be a fun day, right?

I guess that depends on your definition of fun!

A little background.... we are having new cabinets installed in our kitchen today, which required removing the old ones this weekend. Dan had a friend coming over to help install a new garage door Saturday morning, so we decided to just do the cabinets on the same day. Dan's dad was coming up to make sure all the electric was reworked how we needed it, so we just had a big party. While removing the old cabinet we found a water line that had never been capped off. This should have been done when we moved the plumbing to the island, where the new sink is located. Dan & his dad have NO LUCK when it comes to plumbing. The garage door was successfully installed by around 4:00. They took a little break before getting started on the plumbing....and that's where the days goes downhill... What started out as a 30-45 minute job, turned into a 5 hour (yep...5 HOUR!!!) ordeal!! Needless to say, Dan told me to take the girls trick-or-treating while he finished the plumbing. You could see in his face how upset he was that he had to miss her first trick-or-treat. I hated to leave, and put it off as long as I could. We finally headed out around 7:45.

Kalia did have a great time. I wondered how she would do in the dark, walking up to people she didn't know...but she LOVED it! She walked all by herself...even though we had taken the stroller assuming she would want to be carried and we didn't want to break our backs. I can't believe how well she did! It was getting pretty late, so we had to cut our fun short. We stayed out for about an hour.

We had left Grandma at the house to hand out candy (she had come up to go with us to a church Fall Fest earlier...while the boys were putting up the garage door). When we came back Kalia knew just who to go to to sneak a few pieces of her candy.

I'm really bummed that Dan didn't get to take her for her first trick-or-treat, but I'm so glad that she had such a good time.

(Oh....and the rest of the weekend didn't go any better than Saturday....Dan has come down with some VERY NASTY cold/flu...complete with high temps, coughing, achiness, etc... He slept most of the day Sunday and wasn't feeling too well when I left this morning. Hope he's feeling better now)

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  1. Poor Dan! I am so bummed that he didn't get to go trick-or-treating and even more bummed that he is so sick! I feel for you Dan...BTW he has that same nasty flu that I had and it lasts about 4-5 days total and then comes the cough :) Good Luck!