October 27, 2009

6 Months!

Today marks 1/2 a year since Kalia joined our family! What a blessing she is!
  • Our SW was out today to do our 6 month post-placement reports. Can't believe it's time for those already! Wasn't really much to it....a medical form that had to be filled out by her dr., 4-5 pictures of Kalia & her family and a few questions about how she's doing. Easy peasy!

  • Kalia is continuing with speech therapy, and we've recently added physical therapy at the recommendation of her doctor. She's walking well, but is flat-footed and very clumsy. She just wants to make sure everything is as it should be. Still not talking, but has the signing down pretty well.

  • She was given a Puppy Pal by her Grandma for her birthday, and that is the one toy that she cannot go anywhere without! She LOVES it! She also has a small panda bear that she likes. I'm glad she's learning to attach to some toys....to hold them, give them kisses & hugs...show affection. It's good progress!

  • She's recently decided that throwing her food off her highchair into the floor is a fun game to play! Unfortunately for her, I don't find it all that funny, and she often ends up in trouble :)

  • Still no words. Nada! She's getting very good at grunting & pointing, though :)

    Love her to the moon & back. We're so very blessed!

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