September 22, 2009

Celebrating....Princess Style!

This past Saturday we celebrated Kalia's 2nd birthday. We went with a princess theme...tiaras, pink & white balloons & streamers. She even wore her tutu that a wonderful lady made for her while we were waiting. She looked like a princess, for sure!

She did rather well, considering all the attention was on her & there were a ton of people crammed into our home. She wasn't quite sure what to make of the presents...wasn't sure what to do with them. But once they were out of the package she set to playing with them for a least until something else grabbed her attention :0)

We served pizza for dinner, then a cool cake in the shape of a tiara with some ice cream for dessert. should have seen her with her cupcake! She had pink icing EVERYWHERE! I didn't even try to clean her up....just took her straight from her chair to the tub. I think she liked it, though!

She got some really cool gifts...a Le@p Frog learning caterpillar, a Le@p Frog puppy, a warm winter coat, a My Little Pony toy and a B@rbie trike. She is currently sleeping with the puppy ('s in the corner of her crib and we turn the music on when she goes to sleep), and she's having fun pulling the caterpillar around the house pushing his legs to hear the music (though I'm thinking Dan & Emilee are having more fun with it trying to get it to say words). The trike is a big hit, and she's working real hard at trying to push herself. She can't reach the pedals and doesn't quite get how to sit & push with her feet. She keeps wanting to stand up & push.

She partied on until almost 11:45, when we finally said enough's enough...bed time for the princess! It was a great party and, although we missed her first, we're so glad we are able to celebrate her 2nd and all those to come.

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  1. AWESOME party kalia! Thanks for the invite and can't wait to do it again next month with Emilee!