August 02, 2009

The Girls Are Back!


My sister brought them back around 3:00 today. They had a fun-filled few days...with trips to Big Surf waterpark, the city pool and even a wedding. I'm glad they had a good time, but I'm sure glad they're back. I always miss them when they're gone.

As soon as they got back they jetted off again....this time to their end-of-the-season swim party for their softball league.

While they were gone the 3 of us enjoyed some dinner with friends at Buffalo Wild Wings (Mmmmmmm....), a couple long days at work (missing one co-worker), & a little shopping (which resulted in a couple things for the kiddos, and even some fall clothes for me....lots of tops, a skirt, pair of jeans & pair of jean shorts....Whoo Hoo! I rarely get things for myself!). Unfortunatley Kalia's been a tad crabby the past couple days. I think it started with a stomach bug, which resulted in some yucky diapers, and somehow I think she's ended up with an ear infection. We're planning on getting her in to see the Dr. tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure that's what she's got. She's been running off & on low-grade fevers and I've noticed (especially today) that's she's really off-balance (which is really pissing her off when she's trying to walk & can only take 3-4 steps before falling). We'll know for sure tomorrow.

I did manage to get a few cute pics of her in one of my favorite dresses....I even got her to keep the hat on (as long as she had a graham cracker to munch on). Enjoy the pics and have a great week!

I played around in PhotoShop a bit with these. I love that program!

Poster Edges:

Dry Brush:

Color Accent:
Decaf Action:


  1. Great Pics! Can't believe she kept the hat on! All my kids would have pulled the hat off and then ate thr cracker :) She's beautiful!

  2. Anonymous6:45 PM

    color accent is so cute. great pics.

  3. First time for me visiting your blog..I saw your email on the yahoo group. Your daughter is just beautiful!

    still waiting
    LID 08-08-06