July 30, 2009

And then there was 1....

The 2 older girls went to stay with my sister & mom thru Sunday, leaving Dan & I with just Kalia. Of course I miss my older girls, but it's nice to have some one-on-one time with just Kalia again. Feels like China!

Yesterday we met one of Dan's co-workers & a friend of his for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. We've never been....a I must say it was mighty tasty. I think we'll have to take Amanda & Emilee, as I know Emilee, especially, would LOVE the wings!

We had a great time enjoying the company and just chit-chatting with adults for once. Kalia was an absolute angel the whole time, and kept us all entertained. We met at 6:30, and didn't leave until around 9. Of course Kalia fell asleep on the way home, woke up while I was changing her diaper and didn't go back to sleep until around midnight! Yikes! And she was back up around 7:00 this morning....smiling as always! I haven't heard, but I'm sure she crashed when nap time came around!

Tonight I'm going to watch Big Brother (anyone else watching???? Who will it be this week....Casey or Jordan???) and maybe a scary movie with Dan (b/c he works this weekend and I won't watch it if he's not here, so tonight's my only chance!)

Sorry....no pics today....Next time, I promise!

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  1. Of course I'm watching! I like both of them, but unfortunately I think Casey is out the door tonight (unless the twist says differently :)) because Casey has came closer to winning competitions than Jordan has and he has came out with saying there is a new and bigger target on Jessie's back. If Jessie (of whom I can't stand) has anything to say about it, then Casey is gone tonight :(