August 27, 2009

4 months home

Today makes 4 months Kalia has been a part of our family. What a blessing she is! I couldn't imagine my life without her!

Some new things this month:
  • She is just full of cuddles & kisses. She loves to jump up in my lap and give me bear hugs & kisses. She's also learned to make the "kissing" sound.

  • She knows Mom, Dad, Amanda & Emilee and looks for them when you ask "where are they?"

  • Still adjusting to daycare. It would probably be an easier transition if she went full time, but she's doing o.k. She's slowly learning that we will come back for her, and that Miss Sara is someone she can trust while we're gone.

  • She took her first overnight mini-vacay to St. Louis, and did fairly well. She wasn't real sure about sleeping somewhere new, but once she knew she could sleep with us and we weren't leaving her she settled down.

  • Her walking is really improving. She still walks like a drunken sailor most the time, but can take quite a few steps before falling now, and has pretty much mastered walking, carrying something & turning at the same time. She can pretty much walk the length of our house without falling.

  • She's decided that veggies aren't as good as she thought they were. I have to beg her to eat broccoli (which she once loved), and she pretty much pushes everything else off her plate. Even if I sneak a bite in, she'll spit it right back out :)

  • She has the cutest smile in the mornings. She scrunches her entire face up with the biggest grin ever!

Still working on the talking (nothing but "mama" and babble yet) and sleeping all night in her own bed. We're working on getting her signed up with Early Intervention(EI) to help with the speech. As for the of these days, right? :)

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