August 23, 2009

13th Birthday Party daughter has reached teen-hood. Well, not technically, as her birthday is next week. But we celebrated this weekend with her grandparents, uncle, aunts & cousins. I even decorated & bought a cake (I stopped decorating for the girls' birthdays around age 6 or 7...and stopped buying cakes a few years back.) Amanda was quite shocked that I decorated...and she loved the cake her dad picked out!

We used a simple pale blue & yellow color scheme, with flowers, candles & balloons. Nothing fancy, but she liked it. I made a nice poster with a picture from every year...a nice walk down memory lane.

We also had a chocolate tasting party (since she LOVES chocolate), and my sister helped put together a game with questions pertaining to her, the year she was born, teenhood in general and one of her favorite series...Twil1ght!

We had sandwiches & chips for dinner, with cake & ice cream for dessert. She loved all her presents, which included Eclipse & Breaking Dawn from her aunt Tina & uncle James, a beautiful birthstone ring from her Grandma Dorothy & Papa David (along with some cash), and a beautiful poem that her Grandma Su crossstitched & framed for her (Teen Creed).

Dan & I broke down & got her a cell phone, which she was ecstatic about! (Of course we had to mess with her a bit first, so we gave her a toy cell phone first!)

It was a great party, as these 2 pics show!

Hard to believe my baby is 13 already....where has the time gone?

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