June 27, 2009

Forever Ours - 2 Months!

Our little angel is fitting right in. Hard to believe it's only been 2 months. In some ways it seems like she's always been with us.

Some new skills:
  • Is becoming much more comfortable with her surroundings. She no longer whines when I leave the room for short amounts of time (usually she just crawls around & follows me from room to room...at least I can get things done now) And Dan says she only whimpers a bit when I first leave in the morning, but it doesn't last long.

  • She babbles ALL THE TIME now. No real words, just noise.

  • She can climb onto the couch with no assistance

  • She has learned to open all cabinets, and loves to stand in the pantry & drag everything out

  • She's cutting 4 incisors right now....that makes 8 teeth she's cut since April 27!

  • She loves the water...even an accidental dunking didn't phase her!

Some concerns:

  • She has absolutely no interest in walking (though we have gotten her to walk 5-6 steps between 2 of us when we make a game of it). She can crawl like nobody's business, and can walk while holding onto something, but has no interest in doing it independently.

  • She babbles like crazy, but doesn't say any words (except mama...but I often wonder if she understands what it means or if it's just another sound to her)

  • She will look around when you ask "Where's Mama" or "Where's Dada", but doesn't focus on you. I don't know if it's just another game she's playing, or if she doesn't understand who we are yet.

All-in-all things are going quite well. We're so blessed to have been chosen to be this child's parents!


  1. Brandi, Calm down there is no need to be concerned. She has no interest in walking, because sha has never had to have one before. She will get there, I promise :) When she walks with you try to lower you arms more and more each day, so that she has to balance herself (kills the back, but should work).

    As far as babbles go, again she has never had an interest in it before and now there is a language barrier. For almost two years she has listened and grown with the Chinese language, but now it's all new. As she hears it more and more she will catch on. Don't drill it, but making a game out of everything will work. Games and songs make everything easy.

    I'm so glad to hear she is doing good. She will get there as she realizes she has no choice. She walks, or she's left behind :)

    BTW you are very lucky to have her, but she is luckier to have you :)

  2. My SIL Biological Chinese child is 20 months and still not walking! Dont worry, some children just learn later or have never had the need. I took Isabella to the toddler gym where she could climb and play that really pushed her physical development forward. Especially when they see other children doing it, and having fun.

    As for the baby babbles, Isabella at 13.5 months said a few words and babbled a lot, but some of what sounded like babble was a mixture of Mandarin and Cantonese and we were lucky to be able to pick it up. I did one new word a day with Isabella, suddenly her vocabulary exploded and at 2 yrs she can probably talk about 150+ words and is putting them together. So she is bang or a little ahead of target!

    Dont worry, each baby is different. Make things fun and into a game. I agree with the songs!

    Hugs, you are doing just great and you are right she is fitting into your family so well. She will soon catch up, wait to the tantrums start!