June 28, 2009

Certificate of Citizenship

Kalia became a US citizen the minute the plane landed in Newark, NJ. But now it's official! Next steps, birth certificate, SS number & readoption. No idea in what order I should proceed...guess I better do some research :)


  1. Cant help you there as we dont need to re adopt in the UK! Congratulations! We have just got home from our second trip on Isabella's UK passport! Makes life so much easier!

    Love to you all

  2. It's it exciting to get that official piece of paper in the mail! We got Will's ss number first, a U.S. passport(if you want to), and now we are doing his readoption...that's when you get the birth certificate for them to start school...that's a way off but it's helpful to have.

    hugs to you Brandi, you are all doing so well!

  3. Yayyy Kalia!! Congrats!