April 19, 2009

Spring's a Comin'


Our tulips are a bloomin' and the roses are growin'. Our Bradford Pear has already blossomed (so pretty) and the forsythia bush is in full bloom right now.

Our plans this year are to really work on our yard. We need to get serious & spruce it up. New mulch, LOTS of annuals, a few more rose bushes, some ground cover....you name it, we need it!

I'd also like to get a patio table/chair set for the front porch, re-stain the picnic tables/benches, buy a new & better pool for the kiddos, etc., etc., etc.... One of these days...

1 comment:

  1. The flowers look great! We are working on doing the same. Sprucing up the place and making it look more homie. I to am looking for a patio set and even adding and addition onto the back "porch" to put it on. We even attempted a fruits and vegies garden this year. Goode luck on your sprucing plans!