March 08, 2009

Weekend Fun

Saturday found us at another ball game....this time back-to-back games against Ashland. Her team is really learning so much....each game they practice another skill they've learned. They won the first game 33-1 and the second game 38-14. Amanda got to play quite a bit, and you can tell she gets a little better each time. Here's a few pics. I'm going to try to upload a short video clip a little later, if I can figure out how to edit it & cut it down a bit.

After the games we headed into Columbia to do a few things. First we stopped by T0ys R'Us. I've been on the hunt for a nice table & chairs set for Kalia's room. I found one on their website, so was hoping I could pick it up at the store (that way I didn't have to pay shipping). We thought they were all out, but I conned Dan into finding a store associate and just checking to make sure there weren't any in the back. We lucked out....there was ONE left! We put it together and it looks really cute. Can't wait to see her sitting at it playing tea party or doing craft/art activities!

After that we headed to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants....HuH0ts!!! This place is YUMMY! If you've never been, you go thru a buffet with different meats, noodles & veggies, choosing whatever you'd like. Then you ladle on whatever sauce you want, and take it to the cooks in the middle of the restaurant. They cook it right in front of you. It's DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Our last stop was a mini-Science center. It's fairly new (a couple years, I think). The girls had won tickets at the school's Game Night a few weeks back, so we figured since we're up this direction we'd check it out. Since we'd been to the Science Center in St. Louis, we knew this would never compare, and it didn't. It's nice, but very small. I think they have a few new things they're working on for this summer, so maybe we'll try again in a few months.

We ended our very busy weekend with a movie on Sunday. Amanda finally finished reading the book "T wilight", so we all went to see the movie. I really didn't want to see it (actually the plan was for Dan & Amanda to watch T wilight and Emilee & I to see M@rley & Me, but it wasn't playing this weekend and there really wasn't anything else we wanted to see). I'm glad we decided to watch it, because it's REALLY GOOD! I was shocked, as it just really didn't look like anything that would interest me. I can't wait to see the others (just assuming they will make movies off the other books in the series). Watch's good!

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  1. Go Amanda! I can't wait to see her in action tonight! I'm sure Kalia will enjoy the table and chairs, even if it is just moving them back and forth:)