March 05, 2009

Did you hear that????

Did you? That scream??

That was me!

We received our LOA today!

In 7 weeks or less we will be on our way to China!

The only thing we need now is our Travel Approval (TA), which we should get in approx. 4 weeks. Then, depending on when they can get our consulate appointment (CA) for, we should be on our way to China no later than 3 weeks after getting TA.

I'm so excited!!!!!


  1. Oh My God! I am so excited for you! Congrats, your almost there!

  2. Congrats I am so happy for you guys! I cannot wait to hear of your travels!

  3. I think I did hear you scream up here in Wisconsin...whoo hooo Brandi!!!! Your time is near. Can't WAIT to see your little girl with you. I do hope you're blogging from China.

  4. I remember waiting for TA. I thought I was going to explode or implode or something I was so excited.

    Your daughter is beautiful. Best wishes for a speedy TA and a wonderful trip.

    via RQ site

  5. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I am so happy for you. What fantastic news. Get packing and wishing you a speedy TA!

    Love Suzanne

  6. I am so happy for you and your family! Congratulations!! Your daughter is beautiful!
    :) Ashley

  7. the best of news!!! congratulations!!

  8. YAY!! Finally!
    I wish you speedy travel!

    Smiles! :o)