October 03, 2008

My week in review

  • I am SOOOOO glad to see this week over! It wasn't horrible, just busy. We're installing a new ad-taking software at work and I'm one of two people in charge of making sure it's installed & functioning properly. It's going to be a really cool program when it's all set-up and running, but until then...... Lots of long nights & stressful days ahead! The "go-live" date is scheduled for Nov. 1....hopefully we can meet that deadline...with most of our hair still intact!

  • The girls are doing great! Emilee is getting herself a little more organized in school, and subsequently having less homework and more time to enjoy the beautiful weather with her friends. Her spelling grades have improved dramatically from last year! I'm very proud of all her hard work! She even tried out for the school play ("The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever").....and got the part of a bossy girl. She'll do great!

  • Amanda is also doing well in school. Her progress report showed A's & B's....awesome! She's always wanting to show me the new songs she's learned in band, and she's really playing well (not too many squeaks!). Here you see her being funny one night while Dan was cooking pancakes.

  • Look what came in the mail today!

I pre-ordered this back in August, and can't wait to find time to watch the entire opening ceremony. We watched bits & pieces in August, but I'm looking forward to watching it un-interrupted (no commercials).

  • Tomorrow Dan & I are on our way to Kansas City to celebrate our 13th anniversary. We have plans to eat at Cinzetti's. We've heard lots of good things about this restaurant and we're excited to try it out! After that we plan on checking out the Country Club Plaza and doing some browsing in some of the stores. I know the Cheesecake Factory is on my list(probably will just bring a slice home....after eating all the yummy food at Cinzetti's we don't plan on being hungry). Our last stop will be taking a gondola ride through downtown KC. Doesn't that sound like fun? A little piece of Venice close to home!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!


  1. Thomas & I spent my b-day last year in K.C. We took the carriage ride all over the Plaza. It was great. (There are pics of it over on my blog somewhere.) It was really great as my b-day is 11/25, so everything was all decked out with beautiful Christmas lights! The restaraunt that we ate at was called M&S Grill-Oh my goodness! The best! It is right on The Plaza~here is a web site where you can check it out http://www.kcrestaurantguide.com/M&S%20Grill.htm

    Anyway, have a great time! & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

    Jen P.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Your weekend sounds fabulous. And great job to the girls for doing so well in school. I'm sure you are a proud mama!