September 02, 2008

Labor Day Fun

We didn't have any big plans this year....just kinda went with the flow.

SATURDAY: I've been meaning to have a garage sale all summer, and just haven't found the time. I've never had a sale over a holiday, but thought I'd give it a try. We did o.k., but not as good as we normally do. I don't think I'll have another sale over the holiday. We did get rid of most of the big stuff...the stuff that takes up all the room.

Awhile back we combined the girls into one bedroom. The other has been kind of a playroom/junk room, until we decide to start decorating it for Kalia. A lot of the stuff in that room we sold in the garage sale. It looks pretty empty now, and I really want to start decorating. I'm not...for 2 reasons. 1) The girls use it for a play room, and I don't see any point in keeping them out of there when noone else is using it. Sometimes they just need a little private space, and while there's the extra room, they might as well use it. 2) I just don't think I could handle looking at her room all put together for another 18 months or more. It's hard enough going in there on occasion and seeing the Rubbermaid totes filled with stuff for her, I know I couldn't bear to see a completed room.

Anyway I kind of got off topic there....

SUNDAY: Dan had to work Saturday night, so I did a little cleaning while we let him sleep for a bit.

After that we headed about 30 minutes away and visited Stephen's Lake. It's sad that we've lived within 60 miles of this town for over 15 years and have never taken advantage of all there is to do. This was a really nice, clean lake with a small park, picnic area, dock for fishing, clean swimming area with sand beach and water fountains to play in. The best's all free! Why is it that we don't take advantage of all these towns have to offer?

The girls had a blast! I got some pictures of them in the lake, but these ones of them in the fountains really turned out good. We'll definitely be back!

(at the top of the big rock in the park)

MONDAY: Again, not much happening. We played a few games, BBQ'd some pork steaks and Dan cleaned the deck to get it ready to stain (finally...this has been a 12 month project!)

It was very relaxing (despite the pain I was in from the pleurisy), and a welcome break from school/work. Hope all of yours was just as nice!

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