August 27, 2008

Olympics are over....

So now what?

I've always thought the Olympics played a large part in the slowdown of international adoption. I don't think it's the only factor, but I believe it played a part. So, now that the Olympics are over and the eyes of the world are no longer focused solely on China, will adoptions pick up? I can't bring myself to believe there are no NSN children in the orphanages. Are there as many as there were a few years ago? No, I don't believe so. But I think there are more than they're saying. Foster Care has become more & more popular in China, and I think this was the perfect way to say the numbers of NSN children have dropped, since they are no longer staying in orphanages it appears that there are fewer. But, even if there are more than they say there are, will they begin to make more children ready for international adoption? Time will tell, I guess. If that is to be the case, I look for something to happen some time between November and February of next year. I don't think they'd want to speed the program up too quick, as there will still be some media attention focused on China for the next month or so. We'll see!

Please, please, please China....let us have our babies!

*On a side note...the official medal count for the U.S. is 110 medals (36 gold, 38 silver & 36 bronze). China had 100 medals (51 gold, 21 silver & 28 bronze). Way to go everyone!

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