August 25, 2008

Fun-Filled Weekend

Wednesday is Amanda's birthday, so we celebrated a little early on Sunday.

We had already planned on going to a Cardinals game, so we started there. This was our first time to the new stadium. We love watching the Cardinals play, and usually go to a couple games a year, but never made it to the new stadium last year (we did watch them play a couple times in Kansas City). For Father's Day this year we bought Dan tickets to the Braves vs. Cardinals game. The new stadium is awesome! I don't think you could sit anywhere (even in the nosebleed section) and not have a perfect view of the field. We loved it!!! The game was good, too, with the Cardinals winning 6 to 3. One of my favorite players, "Skippy" Schumaker wasn't scheduled to play, but they put him in in the 7th (?) inning. That just made my day!

After the game, Amanda's birthday fun began! She has been asking to play Laser Tag for quite some time. We don't have anywhere to play where we live, so we thought while we were in St. Louis we'd head over the river into Illinois and play some Tag. We've never played, but absolutely loved it. If you've never played before, be sure to try it! Wow! It's highly addictive! A great way to exercise, as you're always running trying not to get "shot". We'll definitely be making a trip back there!

After working up an appetite, we headed to McDonald's for some dinner. Not my choice, but since she's the birthday girl she got to pick (we usually go for a little nicer dinner on birthdays, but we needed somewhere quick since we had a 2.5 hour drive back home and it was a school night. We didn't want to get home too late).

She said this was her best birthday ever! I'm so glad we were able to make it a fun one for her! Next year is the big 13, so it will have to be extra-extra special (any ideas???)

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