July 11, 2008

Just Between Friends sales

Has anyone ever attended one of these events?

I just found out about them, and they look like a lot of fun! Here's what the jbfsale.com website says:

"There is no need to shop overpriced mall and department stores, and no more running from garage sale-to-garage sale. Just Between Friends puts it all under one roof! The best in "gently-used" children's, juniors and maternity clothing, as well as baby equipment, nursery and maternity items, outside playground equipment, books, kids movies, shoes and toys, toys, toys!

In fact, JBF sales are set-up like a children’s store, so shopping is easy and fun. What a great way to clean out no longer needed items and earn money! Another great aspect of JBF is that you can consign outgrown items and then purchase the “next size up” for your children at unbelievable prices! It's a "win-win" for everyone! "

I think this may be a great way to get some fall/winter clothing for the girls, and maybe (o.k., probably) pick up some things for Kalia as well.

It looks like they do these huge sales twice a year...in the spring & fall. We have one in our area the end of the month, and another one in September. I think I'm going to drag Dan along and check them out.

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