June 09, 2008


We've been working on remodeling our kitchen for the past few months. Today we finally took the plunge and ordered brand new maple cabinets & beautiful quartz countertops.

In 5-6 weeks we'll have a brand new island (complete with dishwasher), brand new sink/faucet, new over-the-range microwave, new tile floors and a new wine refrigerator. Due to the ridiculous prices of cabinetry/countertops, we were unable to purchase enough cabinets for the entire kitchen, but have purchased the majority. We should have the rest of them by the beginning of the year. I hate going in to debt, and this is all I felt comfortable taking on at this time. I don't want to deplete our savings too much...especially since you never know what's going to happen right now. After these are in, we'll only have 1 wall of base & wall cabinets to replace, which, if all goes well, we'll have in by next Spring. We'll just have to live with a little mis-matching for a bit. It was either that, or wait until next year to do it all. And, since we don't have a dishwasher at this time, we didn't really want to wait. The colors of the cabinets are very similar, and after looking over MANY designs, it seems like mismatching styles/colors in kitchens is very popular. So, while I don't particularly care for that style, it may appear as if we'd done this on purpose.

Anywho...enough of my rambling. What do you think of the cabinets & countertops we chose? Aren't they purdy????


  1. Love the countertops! Granite is beautiful!

  2. Hey, that's almost exactly the cabinets and granite they upgraded out apartment to last year. Very nice.

  3. Love them both, they'll look great. :)

  4. Beautiful! We did our kitchen last year. You'll be so happy when it's done!