June 12, 2008

Amanda's First Game

Amanda finally had her first ball game of the season tonight. Her first game was originally scheduled for last Wed., but they asked to reschedule, and the one they were supposed to play on Tuesday was rained out. So today they finally got to play.

They played a very competitive team...most of them a year older...and all of them way more experienced. All the girls on this other team play on at least 2 other teams. But, while our girls lost (BIG TIME), they played a really good game. Amanda made an awesome double play! She caught the ball in the air for the 1st out, then got the runner out at 1st (while they were running back to tag up). I was so very proud of her! (And did I get pictures? Absolutely not! Why? Because I left my camera on the kitchen table! Bad Mom!)

While I know the team was a little crushed by the big loss, I told them this was a good learning experience. What did this team do that they weren't? How could they use this game to improve their skills?

They're next game is Tuesday, and I just know they'll do better.

Hang in there girls! You're doing grrrreat!!!!!

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