May 07, 2008

We're Back!

We're back from a much needed mini-vacation to Denver, CO.

What a great time!

We left early (WAY early) Saturday morning and made our way across Kansas. Anyone who's driven across Kansas knows how absolutely boring a drive that is ( offense to anyone who lives there). We took I-70 across the middle of the state and there just really isn't anything to look at. We did see some windmills (?) that were pretty interesting to look at (for a few miles).

With the time difference, we made it to Denver around 6:00. We stayed at the Hyatt, which was very nice.
The friends we went with got a great deal on a 1 bedroom suite...approx. $45 a night!!! You can't hardly get a room at a Motel 6 for that price! The only complaint we had was that, for such a nice hotel, they didn't have an indoor pool. That's the craziest thing! They did have a very nice computer room, workout area, spa, breakfast bar, etc... so I guess it wasn't so bad :)

We found a very nice Mexican restaurant just around the corner from the hotel and had dinner there Saturday night. Delicious food...the margaritas could have been better. We were beat after dinner, so just headed back to the room, took a shower and hit the bed.

Sunday we headed down to Colorado Springs (about an hour south) and played in the mountains. This is what the girls were looking forward to the most! We could see on our way in there would be snow in the mountains, so they made a plan to attack Dan with snowballs.

First we stopped at Garden of the Gods. This a beautiful area of red rock formations that is a must-see if you're ever in the area.

Everyone had a blast climbing all over the rocks. I was able to get some really good shots of the girls, and even jumped in a few pictures myself. I think they checked out every rock & crevice they could find...and were completely filthy by time they were done. It really is a beautiful area, and we're so glad we got to visit.

After leaving the Gardens we headed over to Pike's Peak. We chose to take the drive up as far as we could (the summit was closed, and we could only get up to about 13,000 feet). Oh my goodness! The Rockies are absolutely gorgeous! I'm not sure I've ever seen anything quite as breathtaking! Looking down from 13,000 feet was amazing! We started to see a good bit of snow around 9,000 feet, so we jumped out and put our plan into action. Dan was successfully bombarded with snowballs (although he managed to get quite a few fired back at them, as well). We saw some snowboarders and a groundhog...but no bear or elk, unfortunately.

The last stop of the day was Seven Falls.

A beautiful area, but absolutely not worth the $30 we paid (especially since nothing was open). They advertise lighting of the falls at night, and an Indian dance, but neither happened. We tried to get a discount on the way out, since we weren't told these 2 things wouldn't be happening, but to no avail. The falls are beautiful though, and it was good exercise walking up all those steps to see the top (180 the first time, and 224 the second). Needless to say, we were pooped!

We stopped at Red Robin for hamburgers (DELICIOUS!!!!) and then headed back to the hotel to finish watching the Cardinal/Cubs game and get some sleep. Another busy day tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful photos. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

  2. hey, I recognize those pictures!! I'm glad you enjoyed Denver. It is always refreshing to get away for a few days.
    :) Ashley

  3. I love your pictures! What a fantastic photographer you are. Glad you had a chance to get away and had a great time.

  4. Welcome back. Your photographs are truly amazing, you have a 'fantastic eye'. It looks stunning.

  5. Great pictures! I am so glad that you were able to get away and that you had a good time! Denver is a beautiful city and I agree with you, the Rocky Mountains are breathtaking!

  6. I can tell you had a great time Brandi. Love the photos. :)