May 07, 2008

Denver Trip - Part 2

On Monday we knew we were going to the baseball game that evening, but really didn't have any plans for the day.

We got up around 7, and asked the girls what they wanted to do. After looking through a few Visitor's Guides they decided on the aquarium.

It was a small aquarium, but pretty cool! We were able to see a variety of animals such as otters, fresh water fish, tigers, parrots, sea turtles, jellyfish, eel, octopus, etc... The best part was the very end where you were able to pet and feed the stingrays.

We have all petted them before, but have never had the opportunity to feed them. It was a very cool experience! It feels so weird when they take the fish from your hand. Their mouths are on the bottom, and they line up their mouths with your hand and you can feel the suction when they open their mouths to take the fish. You can also feel their teeth scraping your hand. It doesn't hurt at all...just a weird feeling. So glad we decided to go!

That evening we jumped on the metro and rode over to the Rockies ball field (Coors Field).

I've never been to the game early enough to watch batting practice, so it was pretty cool to watch everyone out on the field and to have the opportunity to catch some of the balls. Unfortunately we didn't catch any, but it was still fun. We were also able to get close enough to watch the pitcher & catcher warm up.

We're big Molina fans, so it was awesome to see him so close up!

Of course the best part was that we won the game! GO CARDS!!!!!

We had a great vacation, and are already thinking about where to go next!

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