May 26, 2008

Highlights & Secret Pal Gifts

What a title, huh?

Amanda & I both decided we needed a little change this year. I just can't seem to bring myself to dye my hair, but we thought highlights would be pretty cool. I also can't seem to bring myself to pay $50 at the salon, so we bought a Garnier Nutrisse kit at Target for only $6 each (on sale...that's what I'm talking about!) and drove 40 miles to my sister's house (who was kind enough to do it for us...thanks, Tina!). I think they turned out great! As you can see, mine are more blonde and Amanda's are more of a caramel color. Both look awesome! (And both for less than one would have cost at the salon!)

We also received our secret pal gift for May on Saturday. The theme this month was "Picture Perfect" and our buddy chose to send 3 different photo for each of the girls and one for the family. Can't wait to fill them up with some of our special photosWe love them...thanks so much!


  1. I don't see any pics of your fab new highlights! You said, "As you can see...", but I don't see! :) Am I missing them somewhere? I am sure you both look gorgeous...but, c'mon with the proof. :)

    Jen P.

  2. Me, too. I want to see the pics!