March 01, 2008

Stork Alert

Looks like referrals may be on their way! YEAH!!!!

Not real sure of the cut-off at this point, but it's either the 4th or 5th of Jan. 2006!!! Yes, that's right...we're finally into 2006! I got to looking around and found out that it took 2 years & 7 months to refer 2005 LIDS! 31 months to refer 12 months! That's pathetic!

Now that we're into 2006, I sure hope to see things move along a little quicker. Nothing's pointing to that happening...just wishful thinking, I suppose.


  1. At least we are in 2006 - my year... take care

  2. Oh... I forgot to add... let's hope they speed up a little more... have a good day...

  3. I'm just so happy that they've finally got to 2006!!!