February 15, 2008


15 months (almost to the day) after our dossier was logged in with the CCAA we receive word that our files have cleared the Review Room!!!!!! That may not be me in that picture, but it might as well be! I'm so excited! What a way to start the weekend!

Just what does that mean! First & foremost it means that the CCAA has reviewed our file and has granted their permission for us to adopt a baby girl from China. This was the last step before we will be matched with our baby. It's still going to be a long wait, but knowing that we've been officially approved is a reason to celebrate!

Congratulations to all my friends and fellow November LID-ers! We've been waiting for this for almost 2 months! Now go out & celebrate!!!!!!!!


  1. thats awesome..congrats

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Celebrate this weekend, you guys deserve it!!
    Cyndi & Dean James
    Waiting for Alicyn Shea
    LID 10/24/06

  3. Whoo Hoo Brandi! I found out yesterday from our little agency that we are out too!!!!