February 14, 2008

15 Months LID

Today's our 15 month LID-versary! (And it feels like 15 mph is as fast as we're going!) I wish we could say we're on the downhill slope...but who knows? At least there's 15 months behind us!

Now, if we could just hear something official about the Review Room! I've heard lots of people saying we're out, but nothing direct from CCAA. I don't want to get my hopes up...but I'm ready to party! Come on CCAA!


  1. Congratulations on your 15 month mark. I just recently found your blog. Our LID is 10-16-06. Best wishes on the continuing journey ahead.

  2. Happy 15 Months! We are moving slowly but we will get there and what a day that will be!

    I'm with you....what is up with the review room? Waiting anxiously with you...

  3. Happy 15 month anniversay. It has gone quickly, but you are right things are travelling about this speed!

    I am sure we will all be out of review soon now the CCAA are back at work.

  4. Happy 15 months! It is progress, no matter how slowly we are traveling.
    Oh, to be out of that review room....it has got to be soon!

  5. Congrats on your 15 month-aversary!
    I'm really hoping we'll get the official report of being out of the RR next week. Then it's par-tay time, Whoo Hoo Brandi!

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