February 16, 2008

Catching Up

I just can't seem to get caught up this week! A couple weeks ago I was absent from the blog for a bit because there just wasn't much blog-worthy stuff going on. Now it seems we're so busy I just can't find time to get anything posted.

So, here goes...

  • Valentine's Day - A few years back we started a tradition of the entire family going out to dinner at Olive Garden. We LOVE this restaurant and rarely get to go all together (probably because it usually costs around $70 if we all go...that's just too much to do on a regular basis). This year we decided we were going to avoid the crowds and go on Wednesday instead (which worked out really good since Dan ended up having to work Thursday night anyway). We had a very yummy dinner and gave the girls their Valentine gifts (nothing much...just a little (ok, a lot!) of candy and a card). I got Dan a new CD and some chocolates and he gave me some DELICIOUS chocolate covered strawberries (which he gets every year) and some other chocolates. GREAT family + GREAT food = a GREAT time!

  • Work is really starting to pick up. It's hard to get back into a rhythm sometimes. During the winter season we really slow down. February is still pretty slow, but we do a HUGE Valentine promotion so that kept me VERY BUSY this past week! It was worth it though because it turned out GREAT! It's just hard to be so slow and then BAM! It'll continue to pick up a little each week until around the end of March when it will get really busy and stay that way until around October. That's o.k. though because as nice as it is to relax, sometimes it just gets so slow that we're all a little bored. I'd much rather stay busy (not so busy I'm pulling my hair out...but nice & steady is best for me!)

  • One of my colleagues got this really cool calendar for Christmas that we've been having fun with. You see, it's a paper-airplane-a-day calendar. Every afternoon he makes the airplane du jour and we take turns flying it around the office a couple times (See...I told you we are pretty slow right now) The girls have really been into flying airplanes, for some reason, so he said I could take his collection home and have races. So we did! Some of them are more for show, and don't fly real well. But some of them can really fly! Check out the huge collection in the picture below. And that's just some of them...he's thrown away a few! I bet the girls played for over an hour!

  • And the best part of this week came on Friday afternoon when I learned we had cleared the Review Room! I'm ready to party! Unfortunately Dan has to work this weekend so our partying will be put off for a bit, but it will happen! I'm so excited!

We have a birthday party tomorrow. Two of my nephews' birthdays are within a few weeks of each other and my sister is trying to cut down on everyone's travel time, so she is combining their parties. I'll have more on that probably tomorrow.

Everyone have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm loving that paper airplane calendar!