January 23, 2008

Secret Pal Gifts & Hairbows

I've gotten 2 really fun packages in the last 4 days.

First - My hairbow exchange buddy this month was Ashley. The theme was winter/blue & white and she sent the most gorgeous bows. We all thought the white one with the marabou fur was SO COOL and my youngest daughter actually wore it for a little while. I can't wait to see both of them in Kalia's hair.

Second - This month's package from our Secret Pal arrived yesterday. She always sends the best stuff, and this month was no exception. We received a China calendar (which I needed, thanks!), a box of 5 rubber stamps with gold ink, a travel Elmo coloring book, 2 green/white bow holders (perfect color for the bedroom, and since I have already filled up the other one and have many more that wouldn't fit, these will be perfect!), and some Chinese tattoos & stencils for the girls. Everything was great! Thanks so much! (Oh, and we had trouble finding stuff for our secret pal, too. Wonder if everyone had trouble???)


  1. Just popping in to say hello! Are you guys going to the CNY party? We are going. I can't wait to see all those little cuties again!

  2. The bows are really pretty. I bet you cant wait to get your daughter to use them

  3. What fun gifts and beautiful bows!! I love them!