December 03, 2007


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I have been working on getting these blankets finished for quite some time now. Many months ago some members of my October Yahoo group exchanged ribbon for the blankets. I cut out my material and pinned everything together, but since I don’t have a sewing machine, had planned on taking it down to my mom’s to sew together. I finally gave up and she did it for me (THANKS MOM!!!). It turned out really good, don’t ya think? I made the 2nd one (the pink & brown one) for my aunt who just had a little girl (in August). I have plans to make another one…a little smaller this time…to either send in the care package when we get our referral or take over with us.

Thanks to everyone who exchanged ribbon with us. It makes this blanket extra special to us.

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  1. They look great! You're way further ahead than me. I've got the ribbon and that's about it. Oh, and I do have some fabric I might use.