November 02, 2007

Attention Friends & Family

Awhile back I started a fundraiser through Current. I emailed a bunch of you, but don't think I ever posted here.

I've ordered from Current quite a few times (checks, cards, etc... You can even order/renew magazines!!!) and thought this may be a good way to make some money for our adoption expenses. But most fundraisers don't offer anything that people can really use... and if they do, they are soooo expensive. Current has really good prices and a wide variety of products.

Check them out here:

If you find something you like, follow these steps to help us earn money towards our adoption:

  1. Search for products you like
  2. Click the "add to cart" button
  3. When finished shopping, click the "continue to checkout" button
  4. When prompted, enter "MO" as the state
  5. Choose "Silvers Adoption Fundraiser"
  6. Enter your address for delivery and continue with payment information

Thank you, in advance, for those who participate in our fundraiser. Hopefully we'll be heading to China soon!

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