March 14, 2014

{We Made It!!}

Oh my goodness! Longest day ever!

But we finally made it to Shanghai. Of course nerves & excitement go the best of me and I just could not sleep. I woke up Wednesday morning at 6:30 and did not go to bed again until early Friday morning when we got to the hotel. I did sleep a bit on the plane, maybe 5 hours out of 48?? I’m pooped!!

We’ll be heading out tomorrow to check out the city. Our guide said the weather is supposed to be nice for the next few days – no rain!

Oh…and our guide (who is very nice) informed us that this is his first time being an adoption guide. Not sure what to make of that. He got us all checked in, helped us exchange some money, got us a map & pointed out some of the places we could check out while exploring tomorrow. We even got to face time the girls before they headed off to school. So far, so good.


A few pics:
(off to Chicago)

(on our way to LA – flying over the Rockies)

IMG_1034 IMG_1035
(off to Shanghai)

IMG_1031 IMG_1033 

(entertaining ourselves on the long flight)

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