March 16, 2014

{More Exploring}

Another day of taking it easy & exploring. We checked out the park across the street. It will be a nice place to take Caiden – assuming I can make it across the busy street without dying!

  IMG_3318 IMG_3319

We walked a different route back this time, but eventually made it back to the pedestrian street where we took a little rest & just people watched – my very favorite thing to do.


(I could have stayed & watched them dancing forever. As it was, I bet we were there 15-20 minutes)

A few things we noticed: the Chinese exercise ALL THE TIME – anywhere they can find a place, the younger Chinese generation wear really weird, tall shoes, they let their children run way more than Americans do (we saw many kids, very young kids, out running around with no adults in sight, though I’m sure they were somewhere…and this is with hundreds of people walking by. One young boy, maybe age 4-5?, hollered for his momma a good couple minutes before he finally found someone he knew. He was making me nervous that he was really lost, but no one else was paying any attention to him.), they love layers (it was around 60 degrees and the kids has on at least 3 layers, the adults all had on thick jackets).


Dan made a “friend” while we were people watching. This man just walked up & started talking in Chinese, shook both our hands, then sat down right next to Dan, put his arm around him & started stroking his arm. I tried not to laugh at first, then gave up & started chuckling. I grabbed a quick picture, then decided it was time to put Dan out of his misery & get out of there :)

We walked around the Bund again too. Love this little piece of beauty in the midst of a big city.

IMG_3302 IMG_3309

IMG_3301_bw IMG_3304_bw
(the old & new parts of the city. The river separates them)

IMG_3306 IMG_3307 IMG_3313

One more night before we’re a family of 6. I’m so excited and worried. A little nervous about why we’re choosing to change our family dynamic again. And nervous about what we’re doing to him. In his world all is well and he doesn’t need change (you don’t miss what you’ve never had). We know he needs the love of a family, and we’ve fallen in love with him just through pictures, but he knows nothing. I’m worried about his little heart & how he’ll accept us. Taking a long bath, saying some prayers and hoping to get some rest before the big day.

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