March 07, 2014

{It’s Been Awhile}

And LOTS has happened!

On Dec. 26 we sent our I800 paperwork to USCIS. This is the request to classify an orphan as a relative. This request was approved on Jan. 10. From there the paperwork was sent to the adoption processing facility. We were waiting on a pdf and GUZ number that basically said his file was forwarded to the adoption unit in Guangzhou, where his visa will eventually be processed. We received the GUZ number on Jan. 17, but had to wait until Jan. 21 for the PDF (we were delayed a day because of MLK Day). Once the GUZ number was received we were able to fill out Caiden’s visa paperwork, which goes with the PDF and some other paperwork and is hand delivered to the consulate in Guangzhou. This packet of papers was dropped off Jan. 23. Normal processing time is exactly 2 weeks, but once again we were delayed (this time due to Chinese New Year)

Our paperwork was picked up Feb. 18 and then a miracle happened….the ONLY THING that has happened sooner than expected this entire process….our TA was issued only 8 days into the wait (normal time is 2 weeks)! We received our notification that TA was issued (in the system – sometimes known as soft TA) on Feb. 26, hard copy was delivered to the agency on Mar. 3.

Tickets are now booked, fees are paid in full & we will be on our way to Shanghai soon!!!

And just to make this week even better…we received an update on our sweet boy!
According to the orphanage (which may or may not be accurate), he’s 34 lbs., 35 inches tall & wearing a size 8-9 shoe. If that’s the case, pretty much everything we have for him will be too small! Little Chunker!

But he sure is a cutie!



  1. Wow, your TA was quick! So happy & excited for you. He's too cute. Can't wait to see your baby boy in your arms.
    BTW, how old is he?

  2. He is so cute! Congratulations and blessings.