December 17, 2013

{School Party}

I was so excited to finally be able to get to one of Kalia’s parties!

I’ve loved having a young one in school again. Such fun times watching their programs & the classroom parties….just all the fun activities they come up with! Loving watching Kalia interact with her peers.

She had fun at the winter party. It started out a little rough. It was the end of the day so she thought we were there to pick her up & take her home. She was a little disappointed (to say the least) when she learned we weren’t leaving right away. Dan took her & talked to her for a bit and, once she realized we were staying too, she calmed down & enjoyed herself.

She pinned the nose on the snowman, wadded up paper to make “snowballs” for an indoor “snowball” fight,

IMG_2957 IMG_2958 IMG_2959

and had some yummy snacks.

I think she enjoyed throwing “snowballs” at her friends & teachers…once she figured out what the heck everyone was doing :)



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