January 26, 2014

{Homecoming 2014}

I love watching my girls get ready for these dances.
Love watching them pick out their dresses/shoes/jewelry.
Love watching them fix each others hair & makeup.
Love having their friends over, being goofy & taking pictures.

IMG_3121_2 IMG_3128_2 (2)

This year I was (am) so busy preparing for traveling that I let them take the lead a bit and make some of the plans (for dinner, pictures, etc.). They’re still learning…and I regretted my decision a couple times (I’m a planner and so NOT a procrastinator…and both of my girls are BAD about procrastinating…drives me CRAZY!)

IMG_3144 IMG_3152



But they finally got everything worked out, and we took some cute & fun pics both at our home & at a local hotel. Then they both headed off to dinner (Amanda & her boyfriend, along with the rest of her group to one restaurant – and Emilee with her group to another).

IMG_3142IMG_3133IMG_3131 IMG_3115_2 IMG_3105_bw

They had a great time dancing the night away….and I teared up a little knowing there aren’t many of these high school moments left :(

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