December 05, 2013

{Go Chiefs!}

What a day!

We love football, but have never been to a professional game. (I know…what?!?!)


Apparently my dad & brother took pity on us and invited us along to the Chiefs-Denver game.

How cool!!!!


We had great seats…end zone, 33 rows up.

IMG_2868 IMG_2869

I learned that tailgating is just as big a deal as the game  itself. I learned that drunk people that stand behind you & root for the opposite team are HILARIOUS! I learned that if you want to sit down & relax while watching the game, do not sit 33 rows up in the end zone! (we never sat down once). I learned that there’s a reason Arrowhead Stadium is on record for the loudest stadium in the NFL!



I also learned that we WILL be doing this again! It was AWESOME!


Unfortunately we lost…but we had a great time! Thanks Dad for the tickets!

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