December 14, 2013

{Christmas Program}


I didn’t realize how much I missed watching my  littles perform in their music concerts.

I remember loving watching them…because, let’s face it, little kids are just too cute. But, to be honest, it wasn’t something I waited each year for.

But, after my older girls grew up & moved past the yearly fun concerts, I was looking forward to watching Kalia perform in hers.

I wondered how she would do. Kalia is very set in her routines, and going back to school when she knows it’s not time, doesn’t usually set well with her.

And that proved to be the case again.

IMG_2881 IMG_2890

IMG_2888 IMG_2891

She was all grins & giggles before we left. Happy as a clam getting dressed & taking a few snapshots.

But as soon as we arrived at school and Emilee & I took her to her classroom, all *&^% broke loose! She was having no part at being left behind. She cried & whined & I told her aide that I was just going to leave…that hopefully she’d calm down soon. And I don’t think it took 2-3 minutes before she did just that. Emilee & I headed to the gym to secure a spot to watch and I peaked out the doors to see if I could still hear her crying…and nothing.

IMG_2893 IMG_2895


As her classes began making their way into the gym I again wondered how she’d do…standing on the stage, knowing we were out there. But she LOVED it. Walked right in with her class, stepped up on the stage & took her spot, and stayed the entire time, dancing & “singing” to the music.

I was so proud of her once again…she’s grown up so much this year! And I just LOVE watching her do all these activities that being in school brings. I look forward to each activity (parties, concerts, field trips, etc.) and just love watching her grow little by little under the direction of her wonderful teachers. She’s doing just fine…

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