November 14, 2013

{LOA Delay}


I don’t expect anyone to be able to keep up with all the acronyms, but here goes…

We’re waiting on LOA, official approval from China that Caiden is still available for adoption, and that they approve us to be his parents.

We were OOT (out of translation) Oct. 1. Basically exactly what it means, they have translated our dossier from English to Mandarin.

We were OOR (out of review) Oct. 24. They have looked over our paperwork and everything seems to be in order.

The “average” (I put that in quotes b/c I’m not convinced there is an average…it changes all the time for one reason or another) between OOR and LOA is 3 weeks.

We are right at 3 weeks (today actually) but the system is still showing reviewed. There is one more step that technically happens between Review and LOA…match reviewed (or some call it match approved), where they make sure the child’s paperwork is in order, he’s still adoptable, etc. and all is well to proceed with issuing us approval to adopt. Once the system shows match reviewed (or approved) our LOA should arrive at our agency within 3-4 days.

To throw just one more kink in the plan, sometimes the system is not updated in a timely manner & LOAs arrive while the system is showing you are still in review.

So yah…I’m about to lose it here. We’re at the high end of receiving LOA anyway (we’re on day 94) and the system is not changing.

The not knowing is the absolute worst part of this whole process. Well, that & knowing your baby is 1000’s of miles away, growing & changing each & every day, and there’s nothing you can do about it!


(Send some prayers our way???)

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