October 24, 2013

Fall Fun at Fischers


On Sunday we decided to take a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

Except we never really made it to the actual “Patch” :)

We kept getting distracted by the fun activities they had going on.

Kalia really loved messing with these chicks:

IMG_2705 IMG_2704

She liked the cow, too…until it tried to lick her :)


There were a couple huge Clydesdale horses there that were just as gentle as can be, but Kalia wanted nothing to do with them. I think they were just a little intimidating!

After that we headed around the corner & found this big chair…


and the corn box that she played in until we physically drug her out!


IMG_2714 IMG_2718

A little sliding down a hay pile…

IMG_2721 IMG_2722

IMG_2725 IMG_2729

a hayride, where we saw some beautiful landscapes…


and some snacks, and we headed home. Good times!

Oh…and look how big she’s getting…


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