August 13, 2012

One Last Hurrah

School starts Wednesday, so we decided to throw in one last mini-vacay.

Dan (lucky duck that he is!) won a condo at the lake for 2 nights + 18 holes of golf on 3 different courses. So, while he & Amanda & his dad played some golf,



Emilee, Kalia & I hung out at the pool and chillaxed around the condo.


Kalia loved the fact that it was one of those pools you just walk-into. She thought that was the coolest thing ever!


And “drowning” Emilee was lots of fun, too!


The resort itself was beautiful! The condo was nice, too. Loved that I could walk right out the door and across the street to the pool. Loved that the views outside our room were gorgeous. Loved sitting on the front porch & listening to the music from the pool area. LOVED hanging with my hubby & girls!

On Saturday we visited Ha Ha Tonka (I’ve lived within 100 miles of this park all my life and have never been…at least not that I remember). It was really cool, but there really wasn’t much to it.




IMG_1085_whip cream







After hanging out there for a couple hours we went back to the condo to get ready for a fun family night at Miner Mike’s. We invited my sister, hubby & their kiddos to join us and we all enjoyed a few hours letting the kids run crazy through the mazes & ride some rides (Amanda & Em blew through some cash playing “Big Kid” games!)

After they tired at Mike’s, it was back to the condo for some swimming in the dark. The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever! Glad it doesn’t take much to impress them Smile

It was a really, really fun time. I was sad Sunday came so soon and it was time to head back home and get ready for work & school. Summer is officially over Sad smile (Secretly though?… I’m SO ready for routine and structure…)

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