March 18, 2012

{St. Louis Zoo}

The weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL here all week and, since the big kiddos were out for spring break, I took off Wednesday and we all headed to the zoo.

It was a perfect day! Sunny, temps around 78 and just a slight breeze. GORGEOUS!



We enjoyed walking around (Kalia led the way at first, then played the princess card & wanted to be carried)


but I’ll admit to being pretty bummed that none of the animals were out & moving around. Seriously…NONE. We saw one gorilla walk a few feet and that’s it! All the others were either sound asleep or just standing there staring into space.





Kalia was only interested in the fish…probably because they were the only things moving!

kalia fish


This peacock was gorgeous and was not afraid of anyone (wish we could have gotten him to spread his tail)…



We ended our day with a trip to see the elephants. Here is the newest member of the STL Zoo…



As you can tell by this picture, the princess was getting tired & was ready for some lunch…


We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch after touring, then headed back home…with a quick stop for ice cream along the way.

An absolutely PERFECT day!

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