December 27, 2011


What an absolutely wonderful year!

Christmas Eve was so fun this year. We even had a visit from Santa! My niece wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, but my youngest nephew & Kalia thought he was pretty cool!

santa visit 1211


We also did something a little different this year and did a white elephant exchange with the adults (and my 2 teen girls). It was fun, but noone really wanted to steal anything so…. To me that’s part of the fun. Maybe next year they’ll be a little more adventurous!


elephant exchange


Christmas Day was AWESOME! It was the very first year since Dan & I got together (18  years ago) that we were able to spend it at home. Nowhere to rush off to. The kids actually got to look at their gifts & play with them. No need to open then rush off.

Amanda especially liked her Kindle and Emilee loved her ring.

christmas morning

Though Emilee’s favorite gift was a Justin Bieber book. Notice the dreamy look on her face!



Kalia was feeling a little under the weather, but did enjoy opening a few gifts before taking a break.



We spent the entire day just lazing around & doing absolutely NOTHING! Playing games with the girls, watching some Christmas movies, then going out for Chinese dinner (a little untraditional, but we loved it!)

Hoping to make this our new annual tradition (the whole staying home thing). We’ll see if it sticks!

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