August 29, 2011


On Saturday, my oldest daughter celebrated her 15th birthday.

Doesn't seem that long ago she looked like this:

amanda 96

Now, she's a beautiful young lady:


She wanted to spend the day shopping, so shopping we did. She invited a friend to tag along and they had a grand ole time perusing the local mall...trying on all kinds of cute outfits...dreaming about which dress to wear to which dance...


After they got their shopping in, we had lunch at a delicious Mongolian grill. We absolutely LOVE this place, and we always leave stuffed to the max! This time was no exception.

Emilee decided they needed to sing "Happy Birthday" to Amanda, so she got the guys at the grill to sing to her the next time she went through the line. And she scored a free dessert!

Despite the fact that she just scored a free dessert (and we had an ice cream cake waiting for her at home), she just HAD to have some Andy's frozen custard! Can't say I blame her...that stuff is SO GOOD! (I do have to go on record & say that she did not eat the free dessert...she took it home...but still...)

Once back home, she shared her birthday meal with her aunt & uncle. She chose lasagna, salad & garlic bread.  (I, however, ate nothing as I was still too full from the yummy lunch. I didn't eat again until close to 9:00...and just a light snack then! I must have eaten WAY too much for lunch!)


We played Taboo...then sang Happy Birthday to her & had cake...before calling it a night.



You are such a beautiful young lady. I don't think I can adequately describe how proud you make me! You're an amazing daughter, a godsend with Kalia, a good student & friend to many, and a kind sister (most the time :)  ). Your smile & sense of humor light up my day. I'm so very proud to call you my daughter. I love you with all my heart!

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